Our Services

Our Services

What We Do

We offer Design Services (corporate ID, logo, brochures, packaging, outdoors and newsletters), Internet Services (websites, e-shops, SEO, Google Adwards), mobile applications, digital marketing and content management. Organisation of seminars, work shops and conferences.

Design Services


Your public image with high quality aesthetics and marketing

Corporate ID – The face of your company. Elegant and absolutely professional

Logo – Everything begins from here. Original designs that will become the foundation of your image

Brochures – Flyers, posters, computer wallpapers

Packaging – Bags, boxes, envelopes

Οutdoor – Signs, neon signs

Νewsletters –To reach and inform your clients

Internet Services


From your original and easy to use website to your highly functional and perfect e-shop

Website Design – Elegant, fully functional with ability to manage the content

E-shops – Design, architecture, text, running

SEO –Hit the top spots of the search engines

Google Adwοrds –Your affordable advertising solution

Advertising Spots –  TV, YouTube etc

Mobile Applications – iOS and Android

Digital Marketing Services


Promote any customer via social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Quora, and email marketing, with original Content Management. Original copy from professional copywriters.

Face-lift your existing content to improve quality.

Translation into any language.




Seminars, Workshops and Conferences


The organization of seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibition kiosks requires expertise and experience in event management, passion and strong administrative skills.

At GNS Marketing, the overriding aim is to provide effective support to Industrial Customers, Shipping Companies, Universities, and Associations.

Ensures the smooth running of each event paying careful attention to every detail.